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You'll have to wait til yesterday is here.

It feels very strange being back here at the moment. I was never really one of those "dear diary" type of bloggers, and I didn't use Facebook to inform others of the minutiae of my life.... Unless checking in at a restaurant counts as that? Anyway, I thought I would maybe write a catch up post, interspersed with a bit of dear diary type stuff. This might work, and then again it could be fucking tedious. Let's see.

My last meaningful stretch of blogging was March 2007, Jesus that's 6 years! A lot of stuff has happened since then, and the handful of times I came back here it was just a dust down and see what was happening. At least once I had forgotten my password and a couple of times forgot the HTML tags for links and images. How things change. I will attempt a sort of potted history of the last six years. Tracy is making beef Rendeng and I can smell wonderful aromas wafting up the stairs. This could take a while, but I have beer.

For the remainder of 07 and all of 08 I was working for a local training provider, and generally having a good time going on holidays and eating out. We went to Jamaica for Christmas 08, it was amazing... We watched the sun set from Rick's cafe, got a tan and discovered the "Bob Marley" a triple layered drink of red, green and gold. Wonderful. Then in 2009 things changed, work started to go off in a direction that I didn't want to follow. It all ended quite acrimoniously and I found out quite a lot about some people that I thought were my friends. Sometimes you just need a push though, and on the 10th of August 2009 we started our own training company, still going strong to this day.

2010 was one of those best and worst years. The business was flourishing and we had decided to go back to Jamaica for our wedding anniversary, but that damned Icelandic volcano scuppered our plans. We ended up going to the Dominican Republic later in May and my dad died whilst we were out there. Probably one of the worst things that you can go through made worse by being thousands of miles away. We managed to get back for the funeral after a delayed flight. The day after the funeral was my brother-in-law's wedding and I decided to have a cigar, my first ever. The rest of the year we were chasing a none paying customer through the courts, we came very close to bankruptcy but as ever, our tenacity and Tracy's impeccable attention to detail won the day and we got our cash. Cuba at Christmas, so bad I wrote a book.

I was hoping 2011 would see a turn in a more positive direction, and I wasn't disappointed. I managed to get a very nice contract with a national training provider, and I'm still working for them to this day. They seem to like me and I have made some very good friends along the way. With it came a change I had not banked on... Working away. In May City won the cup, a year and seven days after my dad died. It was a very emotional weekend, I wish he had seen it.

2012. What can I say about last year, it was amazing. We had some great holidays and City won the league with the last kick of the season. The business went from the strength to strength and in the depths of the worst recession since the 30s we seem to have had our best year for a long time. Everything was positive as we saw in the New Year in Mexico, a year that will see our 30th wedding anniversary.

Let's see what the rest of the year brings.

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