Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

Musical echoes.

Listening to the radio this morning I heard Belle and Sebastian’s new single, “Wrapped up in books”. I heard two old tunes mixed up in the song. First was Cliff Richards’ “You’re going to find me (out in the country)” and second The Lightening Seeds “The life of Riley”. Then a little later I heard Morrissey’s new song “The first of the gang to die” and it has a Stone Roses guitar riff right there where everyone can hear it, not even changed a little bit. Now we are not talking talentless pop wannabe’s here, we are talking seasoned professional songwriters. Did they just not realise ?

I don’t know enough about Belle and Sebastian to give an opinion other than it’s a nice song. I don’t know why they would rip off a couple of really well known songs and I don’t know if they had permission or not. Morrissey on the other hand, well I could imagine him dropping the odd thing into a song to evoke a memory or take you back in time a little. It’s still very strange though, and more puzzling that none of the DJs I have heard play these songs has noticed the similarities.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004  

Top as fuck !

Was the legend on the t-shirt, I was maybe early twenties and loved James. The t-shirt caused a bit of a flutter among the more conservative Mancunians. Tim Booth has a new album out, and I think it’s excellent, it deserves an obscene t-shirt of its own, although it would have to be pretty bad. I don’t think top as fuck would even raise an eyebrow nowadays.

I was ranting at the telly again the other night. Panorama were trying to find out why the Catholic church has told millions of its followers that condoms don’t work in the fight to prevent the spread of aids. What an utter bunch of mindless fuckwits the church are. If I had one wish, it would be to rid the world of these obscene holier than thou fuckers. One poor woman had been told to let her husband (who was HIV positive) sleep with her, without using a condom. She is now waiting to find out if she has the disease. Her husband has broken two of their commandments in adultery, and if his wife has aids, murder. But that’s ok, he is excused because he didn’t wear a condom, and we all know they are the work of the devil. Yeah, because they stop the spread of more fucking Catholics. Add the pope to the list of world leaders to be dragged through the international criminal court, I want to see him justify his stance to people who aren’t afraid of going to hell because they know it doesn’t fucking exist.

My current OU tma is doing my head in, anyone know how to work out how many quantum states a hydrogen like Boron ion has ? No, thought not. Ah well, maybe if I read it another forty times I may grasp it. I can feel an extension coming on.

Taxdodger had some fish in a little tank. They all dropped dead, and no they’re not pining for the Fjords, they’re dead. Anyway, he came to visit with Ms taxdodger last week and brought the now empty tank with him. We are going to have a go at keeping a couple of Goldfish. Tracy wants to call them Fishy and Dishy (as in – yow shall have a fishy on a little dishy, yow shall have a fishy when the buat comes in). I’m not so sure I like these names. What do you think they should be called ?

Time for a little vitamin V.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004  

Strange days indeed.

England showed great character to come from one down to beat the Croatians, that was strange for a start. There were about two thousand people in the pub (it’s a big pub) watching one of three massive screens. We stood near the bar for obvious reasons, but this gave us a somewhat obscured view. About twenty of us turned and watched the match on one of the small tellies that were scattered about the bar. The small tellies were about three seconds ahead of the big screens, so we all saw the goals first. After each goal a small part of the pub went wild, shouting, singing and jumping about. Then, about three seconds later the pub erupted as the rest of them saw it. We got a double celebration for every goal, I celebrated eight goals and now I’m absolutely fucked. Big screen for me on Thursday.

The second, and by far the strangest thing was the program about animal sex on channel 4. What a bunch of sick freaks, the reasons these people give to justify their relationships with various animals boggles the mind. One man actually said that a mare orgasms when he has sex with it ! (I can see that sentence coming back to haunt me on my referrals page). There are some very disturbed people in this world. I suppose it brings a whole new meaning to “I feel like Chicken tonight”.

We’re off to Anglesey for a couple of days, but we’ll be back just in time for the quarter final.

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Monday, June 21, 2004  

Celebrity monsters.

#3 Harpy Hill.

This is my last one, unless you have any requests.

Hmm hmm Curly wurly, Elizabeth Hurley.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004  

Celebrity monsters.

#2 Kraken Zeta Jones.

Wel, dyma i chi ddefaid da!

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Saturday, June 19, 2004  

Foul creatures are abroad this night.

It’s that time of year again, when my arch nemesis roams the land. Moths of every hue flutter and flit……. Hairy evil bastards. I saw a bright yellow one, big fucking mistake being so colourful, I squashed it good. I know nature is finely balanced, but I would happily remove the fuckers from the whole food chain. It doesn’t help when you work night shifts and you have to wear a bright white hard hat, they come from miles around just to have a go a landing on my fucking head. I especially hate the black ones with the red stripe on the tips of their wings, the man united fans of the moth world. They have suffered heavy casualties recently, shame they haven’t got a moth version of the Red Cross. At least we don’t get the giant ones over here; they have the common decency to remain a twattable size.

I suppose at some point I will have to try and conquer my fear of the unholy fluttering cunts, but the options are a little limited. I don’t fancy aversion therapy, all that electricity and nipple clamps. Hypnosis is out; I may end up thinking I’m a chicken with St Vitas dance. Drugs ? Well it would be a laugh trying but I can’t see it having any effect. No, the only option is to kill them, all of them. Maybe a giant insectocutor just offshore in the Solway. Or possibly gene therapy, splice some hooligan genes into the bastards, they’ll all fuck off to Portugal.

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Celebrity monsters.

#1. Gorgon Ramsey.

Toss that fuckin' cabbage one more time, and I'll shove it up your arse !

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