Thursday, February 22, 2007  

Pondering in February.

I got my email from Tony Blair; it went straight into my junk folder. He can’t even fool a machine into believing he’s genuine. 1.8 million people signed the petition; he will still carry on regardless and bring in another tax.

As a non smoker I have welcomed the forthcoming ban on public smoking, but I was beginning to have second thoughts, mostly because of the images of empty pubs I have seen on telly, and groups of thin grey people standing huddled in makeshift shelters, enveloped in clouds of horrible smoke. I felt sorry for the smokers. But then I heard a few of them moaning on the news last night, what a load of whingeing fuckers, I have lost all sympathy. Ban it and enforce the ban properly.

Speaking of smoking bans, and I’ve probably already ranted about this, but why the fuck haven’t we banned smoking whilst driving ? If it’s dangerous to have a phone conversation why isn’t it dangerous to have a small fire in our mouths ?

Here’s a radical thought, ban smoking all together. Make it a class A drug and send the fuckers to prison.

Now, what about dog shit ? What about people who litter ? What about the hooded scroats that roam our land making a fucking nuisance of themselves ? I think we need more prisons, or national service. Fuck it, bring back the birch. Public flogging for all minor offenders, transportation to the colonies for the rest.

Rumours that I’m voting Tory at the next election are strongly denied.

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