Tuesday, December 31, 2002  

Take one step forward.

I am thinking of starting a book review, it could be futile and doomed to failure, which is why I need volunteers. If you fancy contributing to the review let me know…..the more the merrier. The format will probably be another blog, with all contributors having access, this makes it easier to post your reviews, and will ensure that all contributors get equal credit. I know that most of you read quite regularly, and I think it would only take a couple of hours after you have read a book to cobble together a decent review, and obviously reviews can be done retrospectively. If you fancy a go, or have any ideas, click on the “contact me” link to your right, or put some words in the comment box.

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Thursday, December 26, 2002  

Space and time #2.

When you read the first space and time post you thought I had lost the plot, you can admit it I don’t mind. Well, I have been doing a little digging out in the internet’s nether regions, and I have found these links. This is a conspiracy theorists Christmas and birthday all rolled into one. Let me know what you think.

First this,
then this…
and finaly.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2002  

Cha ching !

A postman in Carlisle has just been sentenced to prison for dealing cocaine, and “the cheeky girls” are still at large…..there is no justice in this world. I am writing this at the time we used to be wrapping presents for young Si, I’ve got to say I miss the build up and the excitement of Christmas with a young child in the house, but there is also a guilty enjoyment of our peace and quiet. I have a bottle of Jameson’s whiskey calling me, hope you all have a lovely day.

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Friday, December 20, 2002  

Yes yes, precious.

Last night I saw The two Towers, and I know I’m not going to be the first to say this, or even the last….but it was stunning. It had everything I want to see in a film; brilliant storyline, amazing scenery, top cast, awe inspiring special effects, I could go on and on. The scenes with Gollum really showed George Lucas how to mix cgi with live acting. I’m still stunned nearly twenty four hours after, and I want to see it again. If you’re heartily sick of being told how good this film is then sorry, but you need to drop everything and go and see it right now.

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Globalisation kills people.

As multi-national corporations run rough shod over the human rights of people all over the world with what seems like casual disdain, I am forced to ask these questions: Do these people have a different set of moral values to the rest of us ? Or, are they just bad people with no morals ? Also, and probably the most disturbing question of all is, if we found ourselves in a position of power would we act the same way to protect what we have ? For what it’s worth I think that people who are capable of the type of actions that Nestle get up to on a regular basis (see Stuarts post) are funneled into these positions by the corporations, you can’t have someone with a conscience running your business, they might start “doing the right thing”. “That’s a bit rich Simon” I hear you cry “you working for a multi-national and all”, and this is the most gauling part of it, I hate them but they have me in their power, however much bleating I do about buying fair trade coffee and Bananas from the Windward Islands the bastards still have their grip firmly on my bank balance. They pay me a wage then take it back off me in the supermarket, there is no such thing as local economics anymore and there isn’t a fucking thing I or we can do, it’s too late………………..Or is it ? You tell me.

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Sunday, December 15, 2002  

Christmas wishes to the following:

Irma dreemink, Arthur White, Chris Muss, Chester Likthe, Juan Swee, Eutice No, May Yor, Daisey Bee, Mary Ann Bright, Andy May, Al Yorkris, Mrs B. White.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all who read this, and for those who don’t celebrate Christmas……may your god go with you !

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002  

Brass Monkeys.

I must be getting old, cos today I have been absolutely bloody freezing. I’m just thawing out with a nice cup of frothy coffee before we eat.

We have completed our first game on the X-box, Max Payne a hard boiled New York cop goes on a shooting spree with the Mafia and the cops getting in his way. It’s got a very cheesy story line and the cut scenes are straight out of a Mike Hammer film, but the game is very good. The X-box is excellent, the graphics are stunning, load times are a lot quicker than the PS2, and it also has a built in memory so you don’t have to spend a fortune on memory cards. All in all good value for money, especially with online games due in the spring.

Things have been a bit slow on here in the last couple of weeks, it’s not intentional……….I have just been really busy, hopefully things will get back to normal around or just after Christmas.

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Friday, December 06, 2002  

Space and time.

About half a century ago someone noticed that things were going missing in and around the “Bermuda triangle”. Planes, boats, planes sent to look for the other planes, more boats…..all vanished without trace or explanation never to be seen again. About twenty five years ago I got a book for Christmas all about the weird part of the world that made things disappear, it set me off a quest for the truth, and I’m still fascinated by all things unexplained. So today I was browsing around the net, as you do at work on a Friday afternoon, and I found a animation of the movement of Pangea (The super continent) from millions of years ago up to the present day. Something struck me….the area that is now the Bermuda triangle as always been under water, it’s moved a lot but has always been submerged. I’ve come up with a theory that will kill two birds with one stone, don’t dismiss it out of hand just give it a little though and tell me what you think:

You are part of a future race of people living here on earth, you build yourself a working time machine and you are itching to try it out. It’s not advisable to materialise in the past in the middle of a mountain, so the sensible thing is to appear under the sea, so you look back in the history books and find a nice candidate slap bang in the middle of a nice warm part of the world. When you go back you inadvertently take some other things with you, a couple of boats and a squadron of fighter planes, they would be easy to miss for an excited scientist. That explains the weird goings on in the sea, but what about the other mystery ? Well if you came back from the future you would make sure your mode of transport wasn’t going to get caught by nosey twentieth century barbarians, so you make it fast, sleek and highly manoeuvrable……..a little like a flying saucer ? Well it makes perfect sense to me.

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Sunday, December 01, 2002  

AKA Harry Web.

My last post may have baffled a few people not from this green and pleasant land, hence the comment. Instead of explaining things in the little box I’ll do it here. I’m not sure about Westlife, but Cliff Richard is a British phenomenon having hits in this country since the 50s. In the sixties he made some really bad movies with other British B list celebs. He then concentrated his efforts on pop songs, always seeming to re-invent himself to match the current flavour of the month. In recent years he has limited himself to one release every Christmas, with the toe-curling musical version of the lords prayer being the worst by far. However, he does have hordes of loyal fans who always seem happy to spend their hard earned on propelling him up the charts every time he trots out another turkey. A confirmed bachelor and born again Christian, Cliff refreshingly doesn’t foist his opinions on others, and mostly keeps himself to himself except for his Christmas releases. Unfortunately it seems he is influencing others, lets hope this is an isolated occurrence.

I only know two things about Westlife:

1. They are a boy band.
2. They make crap records. (IMO).

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