Sunday, September 23, 2007  

I have moved.

Please bear with me while I settle in to the new place.

Follow me if you like.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007  

Eat your greens.

So the government is planning on throwing a couple of hundred quid at mums-to-be for them to buy fruit and veg’. I pondered this for about 30 seconds, and it occurred to me that those mums who would buy them anyway, aren’t going to spend the money on more, and those would be mums who weren’t going to buy any, still wont and the money will go on something else. What are our leaders after here ? Has Birdseye just bunged Gordy ?

I have recently been listening to a lot of Ska. I was of the age in the late seventies and early eighties during its rebirth. I love the Specials, Selector and The Beat. I still do, as do many others. That’s why I was more than disappointed to hear that the Specials are re-forming for a one-off gig at the 40th birthday party of an incredibly rich football chairman. Not for their fans though. The lengths to which people will whore themselves never ceases to amaze me.

Just back from a week in Turkey, I’m off to ponder the wit of those in power whilst drinking my duty free allocation.

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