Saturday, December 31, 2005  

Just got back....

from here.

I'm in the process of getting a selection of our holiday photos on the net for anyone who is bothered. They aren't just pictures of the pool and the beach, most of them are of the Temple at Karnak, The Valley of the Kings and the Pyramids and Sphynx at Giza.

Also more about our adventures in Egypt will appear here in words.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005  

Cheeky bastards.

For a while now this blog has had something lurking beneath the code, it took the reader somewhere else, sometimes it even tried to open a program. Despite several attempts to get rid of the fucker, it remained. Drastic action was required. I have finally got rid of the sneaky little squatter, I have binned quite a lot of code. The guest map has gone, as has the little welcome message at the top and the poverty banner. Not surprisingly the page loads a lot quicker now as well.

Here’s a tip for you. Jameson’s Raspberry Ruffle, they're absolutely gorgeous, and you can buy them in multi packs. As an extra bonus they go really well with vodka.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005  

Music to my ears.

I’ve just come across this site, enter a band or musician and the site will match the style to loads of artists of the similar ilk. It’s ace for creating playlists and download lists. [via Glossopwanderer on the bluemoon forum]

Have you ever had one of those moments, the ones where you slap your hand to your forehead and think to yourself “what the fuck am I doing here” ? I had one yesterday, it was seven in the morning and I had just walked into a country hotel for a breakfast meeting with some local businessmen and women. After we had each had our “60 second sell” which entailed standing up and waffling for a minute about what you were peddling this particular month, we all received a round of applause. At that point I had an imaginary gun in my mouth, as I pulled the trigger it turned out to be a sausage. Perhaps as well really, with hindsight it was funny; in fact I pissed myself laughing on my way to do some real work.

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