Tuesday, October 29, 2002  

Release a book today.

A while back I found a really nice link on another blog, unfortunately I can’t remember which one so I can give no credit. If it was you shout up. Anyway I digress, I found the link again yesterday in my favourites and decided to have a go. I released a book into the wild, it’s on the counter at our new shop. As yet there are no more books in my area, but I intend to release more and hope others do the same.

I’m just listening to Neil Diamonds version of Mr Bojangles, and I defy anyone not to close their eyes and tap their foot whilst listening to this song. I love music that makes me feel this way, especially on long night shifts when everything else is jagged and unforgiving, to feel rounded and warm is a blessing.

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Season of yellow fruit pastiles.

I used to love this time of year, as a teenager I suppose it was proof that the year was ending and I wasn’t, something I had outlasted. I think because I often felt quite dark and brooding may have had a little to do with it, or possibly because it was only a heartbeat from Christmas, even when days lasted as long as they did. Now I find it sad, and it alters my mood. A time of death and finality, these cold short days make me want to curl up under the covers and only come out to feed. Hibernation is the way forward for me, spend all summer eating nice things, then spend autumn and winter in a warm bed, only getting up for Christmas dinner.

Stick with me, I’m working up to a decent post, honest…..any day now, I can feel it. My synapses are clicking into place like some tiny celestial alignment, lets hope I’m awake when it comes !

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Sunday, October 27, 2002  

Oh my god…..a day off !

There has obviously been a mistake, I woke up and found I had nothing to do today. I had better make the most of it and do absolutely nothing all day.

We opened the shop as planned on Saturday, we were just about ready. The shop looks fantastic now it’s finished, and all it needed was customers…….who appeared in abundance, it was as if we had been there for years. As an added bonus we actually sold plenty of games, it must be down to all the good luck messages we had from everyone. Thanks.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002  

John Kettley didn’t tell us about this.

The last few days has been extremely hectic, I’ve been going to the shop from work, it seems like it’s never ending. The joiner is doing a fantastic job, I’m going to put some photos on the lock&load website as soon as we are open.

Do you remember those swimming goggles, the ones with a yellow tint ? they made the whole world look like an alien landscape. On Monday the sky in Cumbria was that colour, it was one of the eeriest things I’ve seen, it then proceeded to rain….incessantly, it rained until this morning and then it went cold. If this is a precursor to the real winter then I for one am not looking forward to it……..well, as long as the sky doesn’t do the yellow thing again.

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Sunday, October 20, 2002  

I’m on the verge….

Every time I try to get my new blog working I hit another problem, it’s just one thing after another. I can’t seem to resolve the permissions problem, every time I try to rebuild it wont let me. I have tried deleting everything and starting again and now I can’t even get the damned thing to build the initial set up. So, I’m on the verge, on the verge of sacking it. I may leave it alone for a couple of weeks then try again, ok so it’s a wide verge !

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The rise of the machines.

The super computer Deep Fritz has managed to draw the match with the reigning chess world champion Vladimir Kramnik. With two wins each and four draws a re-match could be on the cards. The fact that a machine has equalled the best strategic mind in the world is a little scary, how long will it be before they leave us behind ? It may be time to start thinking about Asimov’s rules, or we could always send Arnie back in time to pull the plug on Deep Fritz.

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Saturday, October 19, 2002  

Top tip.

When sitting down at your computer to compose a witty insightful post with which to amuse and provoke thought in those who read it……..ensure you haven’t just drained the last few drops from a particularly good bottle of red wine. It has a few side effects; a fog descends over the eyes, a warm fuzzy feeling settles in the cockles, and a distinct loss of concentration hinders the aforementioned attempted post.

It seems like everyone is moving to MT, and doing it very well. It makes my problems all the more annoying, and I haven’t the time to sort them. Anyway, my time has been spent fruitfully, we hope to open the shop next Saturday, all dependant on the joiner, if he lets us down we’re fucked ! Shameless plug alert - The message board on the Lock&Load website has been installed, and will be up soon, if you have any problems with games, or you have any inside info, log on and let everyone know. OK shameless plug over - Just time for a quick game of drunk chess before bed………..what ? it’s good for the old grey matter.

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Thursday, October 17, 2002  

Flying tonight.

The last two times that this country has sent it’s armed forces into the fray on foreign soil they were preceded by night flights over Cumbria. The RAF fighter pilots hurtle about the countryside at breakneck speed for a couple of weeks then, Anna Ford is telling us about Blair’s latest victim. Why am I telling you this ? For the last couple of nights the tranquil Cumbrian night has been shattered by Biggles and his mates shooting imaginary Iraqi’s. Keep an eye on Ms Ford, it wont be long now.

We have just watched Rick Stein, and he had the cheek to accuse us all of not knowing when we are well-off. Hmmm, practice what you preach Rick, like Tracy says “he makes nice food, but he’s a bit of a cock !”.

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Saturday, October 12, 2002  

Getting ready to move.

My new blog home is up and running, but I’m going to post here for a while as well. I am having problems with the archive pages…..ok they seem to have vanished into the ether, and at the moment are refusing to come back. Go and have a look anyway just to familiarise yourself with the url. The template will change soon, that one is the default start up template, as soon as I have sussed how to put the mt code bits on my new template I will upload it. At that point it will be finished and this place will a derelict shell. Thanks must go to blogspot for putting me up until my new home was finished, it’s much appreciated !

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Did I say Monday ? I meant Saturday, that’s a pretty good indication of where my head is at the moment.

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Purple Monkey fever ?

Later on today (yes it’s Monday already) we are expecting at the shop: An electrician, a carpet bloke, an alarm bloke, the telephone man, a bloke with a skip and hopefully a joiner…or wood butcher if you prefer. The problem with having all these people to do things for you is the dread of every man, yes I will be expected to make A DECISION ! or worst case scenario several of them. This strikes fear into my heart, I shouldn’t be expected to carry such a burden, I’m a man, I should follow blindly and take what comes with an air of bemusement. It’s not as if I can pull a sickie either, Tracy can tell when I’m swinging the lead. There’s nothing for it……..I’ll have to bluff and hope for the best.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002  

At long last.

We get the keys to our new shop tomorrow morning, the protracted negotiations have been a bit of a drain. If you are considering opening a shop my advice would be don’t rely on your solicitor to read your lease, he might miss something. We read ours carefully and found a few things we weren’t happy about, which is what’s taken the extra time. I could be very busy for the next couple of weeks, so don’t be surprised if I don’t post that often, although with all the things happening I wont be stuck for subject matter, just the time to put it down in words.

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Saturday, October 05, 2002  

Man vs machine.

In Bahrain the world chess champion is taking on a new super computer “deep Fritz” you can watch all the action live here. If you fancy a game of email chess with me, let me know. The game is shockwave based so nothing to download, it runs from your browser.

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Do you need a holiday ?

The web site I have been working on is finally up and running, and if you fancy a holiday in the lakes then pop over and have a look.

Now I should really get back to sorting out my problems with MT, trouble is I can’t be arsed tonight……….I’ll start tomorrow, mmmmmm procrastination.

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Wednesday, October 02, 2002  

Bold witty bit.

What’s all this talk of an Indian Summer ? It’s pissed down here all afternoon, good timing though, just as I go back to work. I’m not going anywhere near MT until weekend, my brain needs a break. Tonight I will find relaxation at the bottom of a little brown bottle or three, mmmmm beer !

If you only watch three things on TV over the next seven days, make sure they are these:

1. The League of Gentlemen.
2. That Peter Kay thing.
3. The Office.

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