Saturday, April 09, 2011  

As simple as it gets...

I’ve just been for a cigar without having to wear something warm. A tee shirt was enough, the wind has changed direction and is now travelling towards the sea. It was warm and I managed to light the stogie outside. It is a much more pleasant experience in more clement weather, to be enveloped in the blue veil, and not see it fuck off up the street at a rate of knots, is a far nicer thing.

I had a black Russian to drink, just vodka and Kahlua with ice and my smoke was a Romeo y Julietta puritos. It’s small like a Hamlet but a lot smoother. The coffee in the Russian was perfect. A 15 minute smoke with a short drink on the rocks was just right, but I could have stayed out there for hours. I wonder how a Cohiba would deal with a Russian? The Cigar was very nice, I smoked this one a lot further down than previous attempts, the humidor must be working because they are getting a bit milder.

I have the same cigar in number 2, it’s a big smoke so I think I would have to add coke and more ice to the Russian. I’m saving that for a long hot summer night.

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