Tuesday, March 29, 2011  

Well there’s a small boat made of China

I was sat playing chess last night and my elbow started to hurt. This puzzled me because I hadn’t done anything to warrant any pain there. I had noticed in January that it was hurting, but put it down to my elbow being incredibly pissed off that we had come back to a mini ice age from our temporary home in the Caribbean. I like the warmth, it suits me. In true bloke style I told Tracy my elbow was hurting…. “what’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?” she said. I checked and it was cold and rain. “There you go” she said.

It appears my elbow is a weatherman. I’ve named it John Kettley. It couldn’t be that woman with the huge gob, she’s got weird hands, and it couldn’t be the bloke on the Sunday BBC weather, his head is far too big and freaks me out. John Kettley, to my knowledge, is the only weatherman to have a song named after him, so it had to be him. It’s pissing down as I type this and John is aching.

To try and counter the effects of the weather I have decanted myself a rather large glass of single malt. It’s too cold and wet to go and have a cigar. Roll on summer.

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