Saturday, March 26, 2011  

I got caught in a coloured shower

So, it’s finished. After six weeks of fun, laughter, tears and the occasional cross word, the journey has finally come to an end…. Rob & Timmy won.

Yes, I’m talking about C4s Coach trip, and it was compulsive viewing. Apparently that was series 6, but I hadn’t even heard of it before this version. Living in Workington we were really hoping Hillary and Terry would win, but the lads deserved it. The star of the show was Brendan, anyone who can pull off short and fat with such aplomb is alright in my book.

We actually went on a coach trip a few years ago, but it wasn’t like that one. We went from Cumbria to the Rhine valley on a coach with about 40 coffin dodgers and a tour guide that looked like Cripin. We asked the nice lady at Cumbria newspapers, who we booked with, if it was full of “old people”, we were in our late 20s I think. She assured us it wasn’t so we paid. We got on the coach to be presented with a group of pensioners who were already wrapped up in blankets and fast asleep. Luckily we had persuaded Tracy’s sister and her partner to accompany us, and soon the beers were out and we were having a laugh, much to the dismay of the sleeping codgers.

Germany was great and we had a very good time, causing a riot on the way home when the rest of the coach found out we had been to a castle and had a great day on very little money, and they had all paid a fortune for an organised trip to the same place. Cripin was less than pleased with us.

I would do it again, but not for a TV program.

I’m now hoping C4 don’t do another series, it wouldn’t seem right. I’ll have to find something else to watch before tea now.

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