Wednesday, March 23, 2011  

A hatbox full of drum.

I’m off to Workington community hospital today to see if I can get my tinnitus, at the very least, diagnosed. There’s little chance of repairing it, twenty odd years in industry has left me with a constant high pitched tone on both ears. It’s worse in the dead of night with no background noise to dampen it, it gets loud and feels as if it’s actually in my brain. The normal background noise of everyday life does keep it quiet most days, but it’s getting worse.

Pink noise is supposed to kill it, but I have tried a homemade version and it didn’t work. Let’s hope the specialist can suggest something else other than sticking something long and pointy in there and having a poke around. Hearing is the one sense I would never give up, I’d rather be blind than deaf, imagine a world without music.... it doesn’t bear thinking about.

I’m going to listen to Paolo Nutini before I go, it should chill me out.

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