Tuesday, March 22, 2011  

All these places have their moments

It’s almost nine years since I started this place, but it’s over four years since I paid it any real interest. A lot of my old links have become electronic dead ends, people move on I suppose. My old comments have gone the way of many of the old blogging tools, it seems like so long ago. The world has turned and we’ve all got older.

A potted history of the last four years….

Tracy became an applied psychologist, Taxdodger started paying tax, and now pays more than I do, I started my own business after leaving my previous employer, I’m a bit fatter and now take the occasional cigar with my booze, there has been sadness and joy, new life and those we won’t see again. Time has moved inexorably forward one second at a time and shows no signs of slowing.

My blood is still rapidly increased in temperature by politicians, scroats, fuckwits, and all manner of celebrity tosscocks, especially those who think it’s acceptable to whore themselves for a multitude of useless shite, hawked during the advert breaks. More on this later.

I still despise cushions and butter beans, and turned incandescent with rage by the sound of a hoover.

I still love Manchester City, Tom Waits and a host of arty stuff, and I love a good old rant.

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