Friday, August 24, 2007  

Chip and bin.

Councils have a master plan. We are going to be paying for rubbish removal by weight. This revelation has left me wondering if the powers that be regularly take mind altering substances. A chip in our bins will allow the council to send each home a bill. Do you really think that everyone will be honest and only put their rubbish in their bin ? As soon as you put your bin out to be emptied, the sneaky rubbish cuckoos will be out depositing their black bags in other people’s bins. Fly tipping will reach unheard of proportions and our streets will be awash with unadopted detritus. If this plan goes ahead, rats will rule the earth.

As for David Cameron, his plan of removing the right of offenders to apply for their driver’s license until a year later than they should is just as fucking daft as the rubbish collection plans. Are we to believe that a young offender will be remotely arsed that he can’t get a license ? He will just drive anyway. Cameron uses the same logic that says illegal immigrants won’t come here because they can’t get an ID card.

Two contenders for a bluetealeaf sponsored thinking monkey for the stupid.

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