Monday, January 08, 2007  

Happy New Year.

The main reason it’s been quiet on this little corner of blogland is because I’m enjoying my job so much. The vast majority of my early posts were fuelled by the hatred that my previous employer engendered in me. I’m also extremely busy, with new candidates coming along all the time. The adult education system is strange because it isn’t totally governed by the normal term times; people join, learn and leave on a rolling year. Anyway, I digress, it seems that my unhappy moods and strange working hours lent itself to blogging, and now my life is more regimented with regular working hours and good nights sleep, I have nothing to say.

It’s also strange how internet habits change and evolve. I have recently found a really good chess server and I’m totally addicted. I play people from all over the world; I play in tournaments and fast games. I still can’t beat the taxdodger; he’s been beating me regularly since he was about 13. At the moment though, I’ve won more than I’ve lost and I’m building up a really good rating. Come along for a game if you fancy a battle of wills with a Russian or a Brazilian, or even me.

I have got a bit of a rant in my head about Kenny Rogers, I don’t know what it is about him I don’t like, but I’m sure that committing it to blog will make me feel better.

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