Saturday, January 20, 2007  

Another nail in the coffin of the welfare state.

I’ve heard plenty of debate recently about why our health service is ineffective and going down the proverbial shitter. The three links below will give you some idea of the real reason behind the decline of the NHS. I have been a harsh critic of PFI and see no reason to change my mind. If anyone thinks that private companies would act out of any other motivation than making money then you’re as deluded as a C4 executive defending BB.

The first link made me laugh, the Tories invented PFI and now have the audacity to criticise its effects on the NHS.

The second link made me fucking mad. There are people being denied effective medicine and care in order to line the pockets of big business shareholders. Welfare for the rich… I hope you’re fucking proud of yourself Mr Blair.

The third link made me weep, and illustrates just how out of touch the government are, and just how riddled with corruption this country is.

You would think that maybe some money should be spent on actually making ill people better. Maybe I’m being naïve, but I thought that’s what the NHS did.

I think I’ll move to Cuba, they have a better health and education system than we have, it’s free and it works. Although, if Fidel doesn’t pull through I can see things changing quite quickly.

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