Thursday, August 31, 2006  

Mexican stand off.

Spiders seem to like living behind my wing mirror, there must be rich pickings being a mobile spider because even when you go through the car wash the spiders survive pretty much unscathed, and half an hour later the web is re-built and wafting gently in the breeze. Yesterday morning as I got in the car for my trip to work I noticed two spiders on the driver’s side mirror. They both appeared at the same time and stood weighing each other up across six inches of mirror, as I pulled out of the car park they scuttled back behind the mirror and I haven’t seen them since.

They should have plenty of time to sort out their differences because we’re off to Portugal for a week.

I can also feel a rant coming on, but I think I’ll save it till we get back.

Ate mais tarde.

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