Monday, July 10, 2006  

These things take time.

We had a great time in Turkey and then decided to decorate the living room, hence no internet for a while.

My potted world cup summary:

Italy deserved to win, their defence was awesome.
France did better than I expected.
Germany didn’t have the bottle to go all the way.
Portugal are a cheating bunch of maggots.
USA proved that 2002 was a fluke, as we all knew.
Brazil fell for their own hype.
Spain did exactly as everyone expected, played well but lost.
Argentina think they’re a great side, but they’re not.
The rest were instantly forgettable.
Graham Poll gave much needed light entertainment between the agony of England’s inept displays.
England should have done better. (see below)

Sven’s big book of football tactics.
Part 3 – Tournament football.

Chapter 4 – Quarter finals.

When reaching the quarter finals of a major football tournament, ensure you adopt a boring defensive formation. Play your key players out of position and ensure you have little cover for injuries (see chapter 1 team selection). Having done that, play an unfit striker up front on his own and have the rest of the team running round like headless chickens in a futile attempt to get the ball to him.

If this doesn’t work see chapter 8 (resignation)

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