Saturday, July 22, 2006  

Simon’s law.

I don’t know about you, but I think Sarah’s law doesn’t go far enough. It should be extended to fit all crimes. If a burglar moves into my area I want to know about it, or a rapist or a car thief. What about drug dealers and prostitutes ? Good law abiding citizens should be aware of exactly who is living in their area. Another aspect of the proposed law is also lacking. The fact that you have to open your door as the paedophile goes around informing his new prospective neighbours is too much trouble. I have come up with a solution.


A small tattoo on the forehead would save us all the trouble and anxiety of actually speaking to these undesirables, just one letter inside a small circle would let everyone know who they were dealing with. A paedophile would have a small P…..

Obviously, in these troubled times we have people who have committed multiple crimes, for them we have the cartouche. Several small letters inside a small cartouche would denote exactly what they had been convicted of. A car thief who had burgled houses and mugged people would have…

At least we wouldn’t have any more paediatricians burned out of their houses by angry mobs, fired by a manipulating media bent on mob rule.

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