Saturday, April 29, 2006  

Nutmeg cluster.

Two words that strike fear into the heart of the DIY hating male of the species. Yes, the dreaded paint charts are out again. I should have known when she said “let’s go and have a look round B&Q”. I need a cunning plan.

I have to say I was pleased when I heard that Big Phil had ruled himself out of the running for the England managers’ job. I do think we should win or lose with an Englishman at the helm. After today’s announcement from Charlton it looks like the new boss will be Alan Curbishley. The whole saga has made the FA look amateurish to say the least.

UKTV documentary has been running a lot of David Attenborough documentaries over the last few weeks, and it’s been very enjoyable. Especially the “best of” last weekend. A host of minor celebs voted for their favourite clips from the many programmes that Attenborough has done. There were some awe inspiring clips and some very funny ones. For me the Blue Whale clip was the best and the Liar bird was the funniest. His Easter Island plea to mankind was very moving delivered without sounding preachy or holier than thou. He really is a great documentary maker.

The fig brandy has been filtered and transferred to a clean bottle. A new batch is stewing away as we speak. I haven’t started the vodka yet, there are still a few pieces of equipment to gather together. These things have to be planned properly or we could end up with tractor fuel.

Now, how do I get out of that decorating ?

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