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I’ve just sat through possibly the worst film I have ever seen. Some claim eh ? There’s lots of shite out there to choose from, and maybe it’s just because I’ve only just seen it. For the record here are my top five worst films, in descending order:

5. Lost in space. (Joey in space).

4. Star wars – episode 1. (Lucas’ retirement fund).

3. Reign of fire. (Matthew Popeye McConaughey).

2. Battlefield Earth. (John Travolta with Klingon war boots).

And straight in at number one

1. War of the worlds. (Tom Cruise plays a piece of wood).

I kept waiting for it to get going, it didn’t. Even the special effects were shit. This film had no redeeming features. As usual the story was ripped up and re-written like only Hollywood can, it had no direction, no tension and no climax. My two-word film review for War of the worlds – Monkey shit.

We went to see King Kong on Friday night, I thought it was excellent. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so don’t read on if you’re going to go and see it.

Are you sure you want to know ?


I really liked the way he stuck to the story, ok so we knew he was going to after LOTR. It was set in the 20s/30s and had the atmosphere to go with it. The whole film reminded me of the old monster films we used to watch. Unlike War of the worlds the special effects were amazing, the monkey was so lifelike and the dinosaurs were miles better than Jurassic park. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the ending; he hadn’t changed it to fit in with the US test audience’s need for a happy moral loaded ending full of cheesy one-liners and thousand yard stares. No. the ending was proper. The monkey plummeted from a great height and expired on the snowy streets of New York. I did keep expecting Jack Black to say “and the beast was stunned” (if you haven’t seen the video to Tribute download it now). So, my two word film review for King Kong – Monkey love.

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