Thursday, November 10, 2005  

Confused, Cumbria.

Sometimes politics confuses the fuck out of me, one minute Blair is taking absolutely no fucking notice of the people who stuck him in charge, the next he is. He has an answer for everything. When the people of this country were dead against a war in Iraq he ignored us, when his rebel MPs vote against him he accuses them of being out of touch. He should make his fucking mind up.

It seems, if you believe all the polls, that the majority of people in this country want the 90 day rule in place. Fair enough if that’s what the majority want. I have to say I disagree with them, I think we are moving into very dangerous territory if we remove rights we have had for hundreds of years, just on the off chance we think someone may be a terrorist. Funny really, Blair is responsible for Muslim terrorist attacks on our country; he took us into an illegal war against a country that had done nothing to us.

If you lock up a young Muslim because you think he looks a bit dodgy, and you keep him in prison, without any evidence, for three months. Do you really think he will be happy when he comes out ?

Tony, pull the troops out of Iraq, apologise for the atrocities you committed in our name, resign your position and spend the rest of your days in obscurity. That way we may never again be a target for terrorists. No need for a 90 day rule then eh ?

I looked at the list of those labour MPs who voted against our blessed dictator. My MP, Tony Cunningham, wasn’t on it. There’s a fucking surprise, he supported the war in Iraq and he also supports ID cards. When I wrote to him about the total lack of dental care in Cumbria he was less that forthcoming. I received a couple of letters outlining what they are planning to do. Have they done it ? Have they fuck !

It’s about time those useless fuckers in Parliament started looking to the problems here at home, instead of trying to solve the problems of the world.

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