Wednesday, August 03, 2005  

One night in Yorkshire.

Which equates to two days but sounds a little more exotic. We travelled over to spend a day with five-pies and his family who are on holiday at Flamingoland. We met in Whitby and spent the day mooching about in the sunshine, finishing with a curry before slumping into our hired bed at the St Michael's hotel in Scarborough. Tracy was awoken at one thirty in the morning by a nocturnal kerfuffle in the room next door; needless to say I was woken in order to hear the headboard banging at a rate that would keep a clubber dancing for hours. The next morning we found that the breakfast tables were numbered so guests could sit at the table that matched their room. Our noisy neighbours were late for breakfast, and when they arrived I was more than a little disturbed, it was a middle aged man and a mentally handicapped teenager. I found myself hoping it was an epileptic fit we had heard, the alternative is too horrific to contemplate.

We quickly checked out and made our way to Pickering to see what Flamingoland was like. It looks like a brilliant place to go if you have a car full of kids, but not for us. After a cup of tea we set off in the direction of Kendal using the cross country route. I have discovered that Yorkshire has stunning scenery, dramatic and very beautiful. You can go from a patchwork quilt of fields to a steep drop into what looks like a rain forest in just a couple of miles. It pains me as a Lancastrian and someone who has lived on the fringe of the Lake District for ten years, but what I saw today was some of the most awe inspiring landscape I have ever seen.

Kendal was wet and busy, but a nice steak in ale pudding soon made me forget the rain. The rain followed us all the way to Keswick, but as we passed Bassentwaite the sun came out and warmed the last few miles home.

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