Sunday, July 31, 2005  

A strange few days.

Still no word about the job, it could be another couple of weeks. Arse. I sort of lost myself in my thoughts these last few days. I tried to break free of this by going to play five-a-side with some of the lads I used to work with, it didn’t work. All I got for my trouble was a twisted knee, an elbow in the ribs and a sprained finger. Back in my thoughts I concluded that you don’t give up playing football because you are too old, you give up because you aren’t quick enough to get out of the way any more. The downside of these injuries is that they don’t score any sympathy points at home; in fact you get laughed at. I have now been told to retire by Tracy, I think it’s sound advice.

One of my other thoughts was about global warming and the difficulties suicide bombers would face without the ability to wear a big coat.

I was roused midweek by some aging rocket blasting off into space from somewhere in America, is it me or are these things not as exciting as they were 30 years ago ? Even after all these years they can’t manage to get a rocket into space without something dropping off the fucking thing. Now the astronauts are floating about in space with the cosmic equivalent of some bog and a beer can, hoping against hope that they can get back alive. I think I may have witnessed the decline of the US space program.

I think we should give Denmark a big world prize for this idea. Open source beer, what a fantastic show of philanthropy. Typically it was students who thought up the idea, well what else are they going to do. All I can say is…

All hail the mighty lord Vyborg !

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