Wednesday, July 13, 2005  

Pa said, "Yon lion's ate Albert!"

Chester zoo was worth the trip just for the Elephants, although the whole place was excellent. We made an error of epic proportions, thinking we were being clever going during term time and there being no kids. School trips ! Fuck ! We managed to steer clear of the smelly little things and have a reasonably quiet walk around the zoo. Unless you fall out of the monorail it’s almost impossible to get in with the animals, not that you would want to, unless of course you were trying to convert the animal kingdom to Christianity. The zoo does a lot of work on animal conservation, but even so, we were still looking at animals in cages. It was frustrating because what I really want is to interact, not easy with a Tiger maybe, but an Elephant would be ok.

I got some really nice photos, but the server is still down so I can’t put them up. I also got some very good video, unfortunately the bit with the Elephants has a soundtrack made up of an overly enthusiastic zoo keeper waffling about Asian Elephants, a herd of screeching brats and one in particular who kept repeating “eeww it’s done a poo” over and over at that pitch that only children can reach, the one that makes your spine vibrate.

A good day out, even though you get funny looks when you haven’t got kids. I did see a few other couples, but we were in a minority. As far as know no kids got ate by a Lion, somnolent or otherwise. Maybe next time.

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