Tuesday, July 26, 2005  

Apologies to Ogden Nash.

Here’s my ode to two of my favourite drinks.

A drink with more than a little something in it.

There’s something about a Margarita,
That quenches the mightiest thirst;
As deep as a seductive senorita;
Too fresh and alive to be nursed.
There’s something about a Margarita.
And I don’t think it’s the dust of Coahuila,
It could be salt crystals,
Or Mexican pistols,
But I’m almost certain that it’s the Tequila.

There’s something about a black Russian,
A drink that arrives apropos;
As numbing as a mild concussion;
As pure as the virgin snow.
There’s something about a black Russian,
That’s nothing to do with Perestroika,
It could be the coke,
But take a big toke,
And you’ll plainly see it’s the Vodka.

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