Sunday, June 19, 2005  

Wishy washy shite.

I know some of you said it looked good, but I think you were just being nice. I don't think there is another one like this so I'm keeping it for good this time, no more fucking about (except with colours obviously - #8FABBE courtesy of Tom) unless.....

I was watching Jools Holland a couple of weeks ago and heard a new artist I had never heard before, James Blunt. So I got some of his stuff and I have to say he is excellent, especially the track "Goodbye my lover". I've also been listening to Nick Drake.

I have finally found out what that song was off the three advert, I've been humming the tune for weeks, I would sing it but my Japanese is a little week. It's called "Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto, and I advise you to get the Japanese version, the lyrics in the English version are shite and I now wish I had preserved the mystery of the song.

Being in Tunisia until early July will save me a moral dilemma, I will miss the live8 concerts. I have critisised Geldof for several aspects of this concert, but Andy Kershaw has put it into better words than I could here (via doctorvee). I don’t even have to give it any thought, which at the moment is a blessing. I have two interviews in two days and Tracy has her exams on Tuesday and Wednesday. I also have a huge list of things to sort out before we fly out of the country next Sunday afternoon. I’m going to miss Pink Floyd though…… fuck ! Nose. Face. Spite.

I just hope when I get back from holiday I have a job waiting for me.

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