Thursday, June 02, 2005  

An old piece of bacon never eaten by Elvis.

I thought I had slept through summer.

On Tuesday we had a barbeque, the sun prickled my skin and the barbeque filled my stomach, the sky was as blue as Colin Bell’s shirt and the beer stopped me from cooking along with the sausages. I thought a nice description would sound better than “six pints of wife beater and three sausage butties”.

We woke this morning at an ungodly hour to go to Carlisle for Tracy’s university interview; it was like the middle of November, rain and mist made the drive hard going. At least all the bird shit was washed off the car, by the time we got to Carlisle the beast was looking good and the rain had temporarily ceased its short journey earthward.

The interview went well, and Tracy will be an applied psychology undergraduate come September, as long as she passes her current course. The upshot of this news ? I’m drinking vodka to celebrate, Dr Smirnov has made a house call and prescribed drunk.

I have been playing chess quite a lot over the last few days; I seem to do this thing where I play like crazy for a few weeks, then nothing for months. This time I’m going to ration it, I’ve already easily beaten the novice level of the program I have, and I’m currently pitting my wits against Nagoshi, and expert computer opponent. The problem with these programs is they don’t understand the concept of a stand off, you can offer a sacrifice and they’ll take it every time. There’s no fun in playing poker with a robot. With this in mind, does anyone fancy a game of email chess ? Stick your challenge in the comment box and I’ll email a link to you for a really nice flash generated chess site.

The gauntlet has been cast to the ground. Well we need something to fill those long grey and wet summer months.

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