Monday, June 20, 2005  

Booked it, packed it, fucked off…….

It seems to be a bit of a tradition in this country to hope that while you jet off to sunnier climes, that good old blighty shivers in the grip of an extreme cold snap. You will get no such wish from me, I hope it’s sweltering and I hope it lasts until late September.

In other news, FC United of Manchester have joined the northern counties league second division, and are potentially ten seasons from the premier league. They may play their home matches at Droylesden’s ground; I already hate this place because the national front used to have their meeting there. Sadly I think that Old Trafford will still be full every home match next season, sending the message to mega rich businessmen that English teams are easy to buy and even easier to fuck up the arse in the name of profit. Good luck fcum, I hope you win ten successive promotions….. we could do with the six points.

Right, where did I put that travel iron ?

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