Friday, May 27, 2005  

Pray tell me that I'm free to ride.

It seems like an age since I last talked to you.

I have been lost in my own little world of distractions and dalliances. I had a job interview and have progressed to the next level, six of us for four jobs, wish me luck. I also had a TMA to submit, got 65% in my last one, my math’s let me down, I really am crap at it, I think I must be number blind or something. I’m sure they’ll eventually discover that some part of my brain is missing, from then on it will be known as bluetealeaf syndrome.

I have also been honing my eBay skills. I had an epiphany of epic proportions, you know the kind when all of a sudden a light goes off in your head and you think “fuck me, why has no one thought of that before ?” The fact is that probably loads of people have thought of it, but they didn’t tell me. Information is the key; you can sell it over and over again and still have it. Yesterday I sold an email for £5. This isn’t one of those scams that you hear of, this is bonefide genuine information that certain people need, and more to the point, willing to pay handsomely for. Result !

The Taxdodger came up last week; we took him home earlier today. We always take the opportunity to eat pies when we travel back to Manchester, the pies in Cumbria are sadly lacking in the taste and texture department. It’s strange because Cumbria has some really nice food, but they can’t seem to get the hang of pies. If anyone from this beautiful county is reading this, just imagine a pork and apple pie from Haighs in Workington, then multiply that by a million, and you’re not even close, and don’t even mention kebabs.

If I don’t get this most recent job, I have an interview for a teaching job, this is a bit of a tangent for me, I think I’ve always been a frustrated teacher, but I fucking hate children….. bit of a problem that. This one is teaching people at work, but judging by some of the fucking half-wits I have had the misfortune to work with, it won’t be that different. I’ve been told that you’re not allowed to beat children anymore, fucking disgrace if you ask me. There would be none of this “happy slapping” if you could give them a good clip round the ear…. Mind you, if anyone ever does that to me they’ll fucking know about it, fucking happy kicking is what will be administered. Little bastards. Can you have a bit of a tangent ? Come you math’s wizards, let me know.

Anyway it has been a hard drive there and back and I have a vodka and orange getting warm.

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