Wednesday, May 18, 2005  

A loaded gun won't set you free.

It’s twenty five years since Ian Curtis committed suicide. I remember a mate at school buying “love will tear us apart” from the record stall in Stalybridge indoor market, what a fantastic song. It made me realise that Manchester had a really great music scene, and it set me off on a voyage of discovery around some of Manchester’s record shops. I remember spending hours mooching round Robinson’s records and the Church Street market. It has always been an annoyance to me that I was either too young to see these bands, or later too skint. I missed out on seeing Joy Division because I was still at school, and later I couldn’t afford to see The Smiths or The Stone Roses. I suppose if we had been crap parents and spent all our money clubbing in Manchester, then we may have been at the Hacienda to see some of Manchester’s greats.

At the time I couldn’t understand why someone on the verge of fame and fortune would hang himself. A few years later my friend’s brother killed himself and I was again confused as to why. It's difficult to understand why someone would think that the world would benefit from them not being in it. Twenty five years later and I’m no closer to understanding, I suppose I never will.

Kurt Cobain was influenced by Ian Curtis as was Bono and Robert Smith, I wonder if they would have said that had he lived ? It’s strange what a young death does to a rock star’s credentials, it’s like it adds a certain kudos. I can’t help wondering how many songs we have missed out on by these people not being here.

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