Thursday, May 12, 2005  

… we travel the universe.

Towing a caravan isn’t as frustrating as being stuck behind one. Besides, we only moved it about twenty miles and it was a lovely day. By the time we reached the duel carriageway, just past the turn off for Trotters, we had a huge line of traffic behind us. They all went whizzing by us as we tootled along at forty miles per hour. After we had dumped the shit box we had a trip to Whitehaven, there was a continental market on the quayside. We bought fresh baklava and fresh roasted peanuts, bread and baby figs. I took some more pictures, have a look.

Shit box.

Caravan park.

Caravan park.

Whitehaven harbour side.

Continental market.

I don’t get the whole caravan thing, I much rather stay in a hotel. It’s too much fucking about towing your shit box, setting it all up, having to walk half a mile for a piss… in the dark… the rain….and forgetting where your caravan is. Instead I prefer to turn up and drop onto a huge soft bed, three steps from an en suit bathroom with a light and some bog roll.

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