Sunday, April 03, 2005  

With crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues.

I’m sure there will be a lot of pundits expressing outrage at the fight between Bowyer and Dyer at St James’ park this afternoon. However much I dislike Bowyer for being a racist thug who’s had more chances than he deserves, I have to say I sympathise with him. Dyer is a complete waste of space and must be infuriating to play with. Playing for England against Azerbaijan last week he was awful, I bet Shaun Wright Philips was pissing himself laughing. Bowyer obviously has a short fuse and to have a go at Dyer whilst still on the pitch was fucking stupid, but at least he was showing he has passion. It’s about time we clamped down on cheating before we have a go at someone for giving a shit that his team was three down to Villa at home. What about sending off those fuckers who dive writhing on the ground if an opponent so much as tickles his shirt ? What about getting tough on these teams who constantly surround and harangue the ref’ if he gives a decision against them. What about making Wenger take an eye test next time he “doesn’t see” one of his players scythe an opponent in half with a two-footed lunge of death* ?

Spare me the contrite press conference though, what a load of shite, neither player wanted to do it, they’re just so shit scared of Souness that they had no choice.

More of the same I say. If we make football a contact sport again, like it used to be, maybe the corporate whores will fuck off and start watching Rugby Union and leave us alone to stand on the terraces again. A cup of Bovril, a meat pie and loads of swearing. Fan-fucking-tastic !

* Trademark, © Taxdodger.

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