Thursday, April 28, 2005  

Theirs are the skies all dark with bombers.

I have been watching the news over the last few days, in particular the Tory leader’s attacks on El Presidente. I’ve got news for you Mike, we all knew he was a fucking liar, it’s not news. Why don’t you start telling us about your plans for the country if manage to get yourself elected. Maybe it’s because you know that you haven’t a hope in fucking hell of getting the big job, you’re just on a mission to make it uncomfortable for El Presidente. I seem to remember some shenanigans when bitchwhorecunt Thatcher went to war with Argentina.

This week I are mostly been selling loads of stuff on eBay, I figure I had better start a slush fund just in case the Tories get in, or to celebrate if everyone draws rude pictures on their forms.

One thing I did notice was the “who would you vote for” thing that was doing the rounds. I came out heavily on the Lib Dems, and I noticed a lot of people had similar results. Prophesy I wonder ?

Didn’t the nazifuckingscumbag BNP leader make a complete twat of himself, waffling about people having guns in their homes to shoot immigrants ? Although his plans to hang paedophiles could seriously reduce priest numbers.

When Saturday comes me and Tracy will have been married twenty-two years to the day. On the day we got married City played Forest, this Saturday we play Pompey. For those who are bothered, there is a big Stuart Pearce link there. Prophesy I wonder ?

My pressie ? A 1999 promotion shirt signed by The Goat. The shrine is growing slowly. When the shirt is framed and on the wall I’ll put a pic of the shrine up here.

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