Sunday, April 10, 2005  

Never felt more like singing the blues.

I had a feeling City would do ok today; in fact I was going to have a win double on City and a horse in the national. It’s a good job I didn’t; I was going to back Nil desperandum. Musampa finally hit a shot with the right part of his foot, and managed to get it on target. The young Liverpool keeper is from Cumbria and had an excellent game. I’m so pleased for Stuart Pearce, if he’s given a chance I think he will do an excellent job for City. The footballing celebrations were finally complete when united went down two nil at Carrow road and Huck set up one of the goals. Delia was quite restrained under the circumstances.

Since I finished work last year I seem to have no time to do anything. I don’t know how I found the time to go and do a full time job. For the last three weeks I have been fitting a new bathroom, I know that sounds like a long time, but I hate DIY and I have to make sure that everything is done properly. On top of all that I have job interviews and all the other stuff you have to do when you’re on the dole. I then remembered that I’m doing another OU course this year, and should really have a look when my first TMA is due in…… next Thursday ! Fuck, fuck and thrice fuck ! So today I have been busy reading about unleaded petrol in order to find out what the unburned products of combustion are, and reading articles on culling Badgers in order to prevent the spread of TB in cattle. I have one question left to do. The maths question. I always save these till last because I’m shit at it, even with a calculator, I just can’t visualise numbers in my mind like I can with other things. It’s so frustrating. Ok it isn’t simple maths, but it shouldn’t be too hard for the first TMA, I’m just really struggling. Well I suppose we can’t be good at everything. So if anyone knows how to change thirty three nanograms per litre into milligrams per decilitre, give us a clue ?

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