Wednesday, April 13, 2005  

I wanna breeze and an open mind.

Isn’t it funny how desperation gets us ? A couple of months ago I was determined to hold out for the right job. Then two days ago I found myself in a factory assessment centre, with about twenty other hopefuls, trying to get a job on probably the worst shift pattern I have ever seen. I knew it would be an odd day when I walked into the room; I was the only one wearing a suit. First was an aptitude test, one that a mildly stupid chimp could have passed if you’d have offered him a grape or two. Next was a plant tour, it was funny going back in a factory after all these years. On a chemical plant things are different every day; there’s always something new happening to keep you interested. In a factory it’s the same every day, in fact it’s the same every minute. On the plant tour we were asked several questions about our experience, one bloke was asked “who do you work for at the moment ?” to which he replied “I don’t know” the guide just looked at him in astonishment and said “you don’t know ?” the response was a shrug and a chuckle. He obviously didn’t want the job. In fact I wouldn’t have employed any of them. Scruffy bastards.

If I manage to get an interview I don’t think I’ll be able to hold my tongue. I think I will view it more of me interviewing them. The personnel officer was about twenty two ish and annoyingly nasal. I will find it very easy being a cunt with him. I’ll keep you posted.

In the chemical industry things are done to letter of the law as far as health and safety is concerned, you shouldn’t get on site unless you have undergone some kind of induction, or at the very least being made familiar with the emergency drill. This company didn’t even tell us what the fire alarm sounded like, let alone where to go if it went off. You usually find this kind of lax behaviour in small companies, we were in a carpet shop the other day and I noticed a fire exit had been tied shut with rope, and another had about a ton of cardboard in front of it. When you tell someone that they are not only breaking the law but putting their customer’s lives at risk, they look at you like you just pissed on the pope’s grave. When I gave the look that says “I actually want you to answer me” the response was “Oh the boss’ son looks after that”. That’s ok then, let’s hope he’s here when the fucking place sets on fire eh ?

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