Thursday, March 31, 2005  

We're building palaces of fortune in the sky.

I don’t normally dig deep into my stats, I check every now and again to see where my hits are coming from. Today I had a really good ratch around the go stats page and found this really useful information. (Yeah right)

More people used Linux to view my blog than used Windows '95, and there were more webTV visitors than FreeBSD, whatever the fuck that is. Page views from the People’s Republic of China was double that of Lithuania, and the Netherlands, Turkey and Belgium were level pegging. This one is interesting though, my highest referrers. You’re all fabulous.

337 - Zoë.
122 - Steve.
100 - DrD.
93 - Brian.
48 - Gert.
43 - Lyle.
31 - The Chairman.
29 - Lynn.

I have no idea over what period that was, but hey fuck it, they all count.

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