Sunday, March 27, 2005  

Trumpets in the wind are a’ blowing.

Three years ago today I had just driven back from Anglesey with things on my mind. I had decided to start a weblog, and I did. The rest is here for everyone to see. It’s been hard at times to keep the enthusiasm up, and obviously it’s hard to write things down sometimes for lots of reasons. Mostly though, I have got loads of pleasure from being here, both writing this and reading yours. I had made a decision to try and post more this year, I had become really picky about what I thought was blog material, and I don’t know why, I usually have so much to talk about.

We don’t eat much fast food. In fact we thought back to last time we did, and it was Burger King in Cancun airport on our way home on the 27th of December, we were really hungry and it was the only place open. Before that it was a kebab after the taxdodger’s birthday party last August 21st. Not bad but could do better I suppose, but I haven’t had a McDonalds for longer than I can remember. I’m telling you this because last night we watched “Supersize me”.

It was quite a damning film about the fast food industry in America, particularly McDonalds. This bloke ate nothing but McDonalds for an entire month, it had to be on the menu or he couldn’t have it. He put on loads of weight, his cholesterol levels went through the roof and his liver and kidneys all but packed their bags and fucked off. It took him over nine months to get back to his normal weight and health levels.

It fits in with what Oliver has been preaching recently, kids eat too much shit…. Well we knew that, but I don’t think we realise the amount of damage this stuff does to our bodies. Watch the film, you’ll never eat this crap again, I know I’m not going to.

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