Sunday, March 13, 2005  

Take a step that is new.

Recently, and a few times in the past, I have had dreams of things that later happen. There are plenty of mumbo jumbo names for this, but I’m not claiming anything here. Recently they have been more frequent, and quite specific, and strangely they have moved from my dreams into the waking world. Now they are just thoughts or things that occur to me. I’m not talking about plane crashes or kidnap victims, but mundane things, things specific to me or those close to me. Annoyingly, so far, I am never aware of which thoughts until the event has taken place, then I think “Oh yeah, that occurred to me yesterday”. Which is a bit of an arse, especially if I can do it with the lottery numbers.

Anyway, I want to do a little experiment. I have a winamp playlist of 2181 songs. Put a number in the comment box between 1 and 2181, and I’ll tell you the song you chose. Then, see if it has any significance to you. Let’s see if you have some psychic powers.

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