Friday, February 11, 2005  

Strange days indeed.

It's not that nothing has been happening around here, it's just that I couldn't find the words to make it even vaguely interesting.

I had an interview yesterday, the job was in Cheshire, I live in Cumbria. I can see difficulties with that one. On the way back we managed to put ourselves in mortal danger, straying into a potential battle zone, who would have thought a trip to Ikea would be so stressfull ?

I have read today that Man City have urged United fans not to use this weekend's derby match as place to protest against American billionaire Malcolm Glazer buying their team. I think it's a perfect time and place to do it, and I'm all for ensuring that football fans don't get trampled under the marching boots of globalisation. I wonder how much this has to do with Rupert Murdoch's influence ?

I couldn't really give a toss about Charles marrying Camilla, I think the royal family and the church of England are outdated institutions, the only gauling thing about the whole affair is the cost to the taxpayer. I have already contributed to one of his weddings, I don't really want to give him any more.

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