Friday, January 14, 2005  

Sweet moderation, heart of this nation.

Prince Charles has been in Carlisle today, to visit people made homeless by the floods. No doubt he asked them a load of pointless fucking questions and then fucked off somewhere for a slap up lunch.

Am I the only person to think that Harry’s fancy dress costume has been blown a little out of proportion ? What do you really expect from a member of the royal family. He’s apologised, let it go for fuck’s sake. My grandad fought in the war to get the freedom of expression that this young man took advantage of. What are we to do ? Ban fancy dress parties ? Maybe we should have strict rules about what one should wear at such festivities. Fuck it, lets bring in an enabling act and give Blair the powers of a dictator. Have we not seen that somewhere before ?

It’s just a shame the press don’t feel as strongly about the real fascists in this country !

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