Wednesday, January 19, 2005  

And I laid traps for troubadours.

This is the six hundred and sixty sixth post on this little virtual backwater, so it would be fitting to dedicate it to Lucifer, prince of darkness, lord of the flies, overseer of the dark domains of hell and leader to the hordes of evil souls that infest its putrid depths. But I don’t believe he exists so fuck it !

Instead we’ll look at numbers. If I had posted every day there would be one thousand and twenty nine posts by now, and that’s if I only posted once a day. Lazt twat eh ?

Last week I found myself watching prime time BBC for the first time in ages, and now I know why. Martin Actor was a tough uncompromising judge, in Judge John Monkfish. It was straight out the fast show, he fell just short of telling the young girl to put a pair of knickers on and make him a cup of tea. It was riveting and I’ll be watching again this week.

I must admit I chuckled on Saturday when Jerzy Dudek gifted Rooney the goal that lost them the match, even though it was man u. When David James is your keeper you get laughs wherever you can. But tonight’s own goal by Djimi Traore, as well as being hilarious also knocked them out of the FA cup. Football, it’s a funny old game.

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