Tuesday, December 21, 2004  

...in the sunny Caribbean sea.

Hola from a very hot and sunny Mexico.

The first couple of days were a little stressful, until we managed to get the room we were promised, but since then it's been fantastic. Snorkeling on the worlds second largest coral reef has been the highlight so far, but tomorrow we are going to Chichen Itza to see the ancient Mayan ruins, so we may have a tie for the best bits. On Christmas day we are going swimming with Dolphins.... the joys of package holidays eh ?

The busses here are insane, but strangely enough cheaper and more efficient than in the UK, maybe someone should come out here and see how it's done. Like most other tourist destinations, there are people trying to separate you from your cash at any given opportunity, and the time-share hawks are circling everywhere. I know it's a well worn cliche, but the people are very friendly, but then we do try our best to speak to people in their own language. I overheard someone complaining that the local bus drivers don't speak a word of English. That's because they're fucking Mexican.

I only came to check my email, so this is a bit rushed, and I also don't know what it will look like because I'm typing on a Spanish keyboard. If it's all snide I'll have to fix it when I get back.

Until then, hope you all have a very happy Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas just have a good time.

Adios amigos.

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