Sunday, December 05, 2004  

And I looked at the sky with excited eyes.

Bah humbug, Christmas is cancelled. There will be no decorations, no Turkey, no mince pies or mulled wine. There will be no presents given or received. Best of all, there will be no shitty weather or crap television. For the first time in our married life we are fucking off for Christmas. Yes we are going to Mexico for two whole weeks over the festive season. All the best things about crimbo like drinking, eating and lazing about doing fuck all. Without all the downsides like the stress of buying things that people don’t like, just so they can do likewise for you, no washing up, no unexpected visitors and no forced visits to members of the family you only see once a year.

Note to any burglars reading this: Our house is being looked after by a local housesitting service called “Psycho sitters Inc” Bob the bastard and his mate Vinny the terrible cunt will be living in our house and feeding the fish. You have been warned.

So hopefully I wont see a single fucking thing that is deep, crisp or fucking even. I know it’s predominantly a catholic country, and obviously they will celebrate Christmas with a vengeance, but if I lie in my hammock, stuff myself with fajitas and drink my own body weight in Margaritas, I can miss the whole fucking thing.

Update on the illness:

Apparently it wasn’t a kidney infection, I’ll not go into the gory details. I went back to see my doctor because I was still feeling like shit, and getting very nervous about going on an all inclusive holiday not being able to drink like a fish. He took a lot more blood than I would have liked, checked my heart and prodded my kidneys again just to make sure. He then said I may have a viral infection; fat lot of good the antibiotics did then. I get the result tomorrow.

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