Wednesday, November 10, 2004  

You might get your happy ending.

I’m most of the way through updating all the lost stuff, all the pages and images that went west when the plug was pulled on simon-m. While I was arsing with background images on the 100 things and bio pages, I happened to have a look at the contact page. Fuck me I thought, that email address is wrong. I had better change it forthwith, so I did. If you have been emailing me, and then feeling bad because I didn’t reply, that’s why. Sorry !

I have applied for a couple of jobs that I fancy, and a couple that I don’t. I figure that I need some practice interviews; I wouldn’t want to fuck up the important ones.

Emlyn Hughes has died, I saw him play at Maine road a few times. He was never the quickest of players, which was evident in some of the tackles he put in. I’ve shouted some friendly advice from the terraces, and called him a few unsavoury names. I presume he never heard me. They always beat us, it was such an arse. Even when we managed to score an early goal in the league cup semi final second leg at Anfield, it was ruled offside. It was so onside, we would have won that match and got to two finals that year. Memories eh ? He was one of the game’s great characters, and will be sadly missed.

As part of the updating process mentioned above, I have resurrected Blogstrop, it’s down on your right, just below my counter. Have a look, and if you like it feel free to wack it on your site. If you do, please copy the images and pages over to your server, the taxdodger will shout at me if I start using his bandwidth willy nilly.

Isn’t willy nilly a great phrase ?

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