Friday, November 12, 2004  

You don’t have to put on the red light.

I’ve just seen Julie Walters whoring herself for Asda (Wallmart). Why do these rich celebs feel the need to do this ? Do they not have enough money ? The latest craze is getting a Hollywood mega-star to do your commercial. Sutherland and Oldman in a Barclays ad’, and I think Aniston is in one as well. Greedy bastards. What made the Walters ad’ even worse, it was a Christmas advert. It’s not even remembrance Sunday yet for fucks sake.

/old git

I remember when I was a kid, once remembrance Sunday had passed and the military tattoo thing had been on, can’t for the fucking life of me remember what it was called, but a load of army blokes would drag a cannon over a huge wall. Then the Cointreau and Martini adverts started, then and only then did you think it was nearly crimbo. Not at the end of fucking October.

/old git

I’ve binned Kazaa, it’s infected my puter with some kind of shitty virus. I’ve been fucking about most of the day trying to get rid of it. It’s still there. Hit ctrl+alt+delete and check performance on your task manager. Mine starts at 100% then drops to about 4% then goes back up to 100% for a bit. It repeats this indefinitely, even when there are no applications running. I’ve just read an article in the New Scientist about these new zombie viruses, I wonder if it could be one of those ? I can feel a re-install coming on. So, if you’ve got kazaa I would seriously consider getting rid. Taxdodger has told me about a different method of getting files. Bit torrent, I’ve checked it out and it seems ok. Check this site for a good selection. You need a small prog’ called abc. You can get that here.

Happy hunting.

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