Thursday, September 23, 2004  

Splish splash, coming for your cish cash.

I bought a Basement Jaxx album the other day (Kish Kash). I bought it on the strength of one song, without even a single downloaded track. Money well spent if you ask me, it’s excellent. Especially the title track, which has Siouxie Sioux on guest vocals. I’m not really a Dizzee Rascal fan, but track 4, Lucky Star, is also very good. I heartily recommend it.

A sucker for a new gadget, I bought one of those new vibrating mach 3s. It does actually work; it was a lot closer than the non-vibrating one and a nice green colour as well.

A few years ago, about 4 I think, I used to run the seti screensaver. It analyses data gathered from space in an attempt to find life in other parts of the universe. After several upgrades and a couple of major crashes, I lost the program and forgot all about it. I remembered again today, so I downloaded it. As you read this my puter may well be looking for intelligent life in the vast wilderness of space outside our solar system.

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