Friday, August 06, 2004  

When the sun shines they slip into the shade…

We are going to Icmeler a few days after the taxdodger’s 21st birthday bash.

The last time the whole of both sides of the family were together was our wedding reception. When me and my dad went back to collect the wedding presents the day after, we asked for a hair of the dog. The landlord shrugged and said he had nothing left. We had drunk the pub dry ! The chances of me escaping this party with my mental faculties intact are slim to none….and slim just left town. So, we are going to need this holiday to recover.

Icmeler is quite near Marmaris, and a little bit quieter. Nice shops and restaurants and a nice beach. Perfect for chilling out. We are also planning a trip to Ephesus to see the temple of Artemis. Also on the list of places to go is Pamukkale.


The taxdodger has a new website and forum, here. He has asked me to tell everyone about it. So there you go. Pop over and have a mooch.


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