Monday, July 19, 2004  

Spending warm summer days indoors.

Today and tomorrow I am doing an audit at work, I suppose it’s better than getting my hands dirty. People become very cagey when you tell them they are being audited, defensive even. They’ll be even more defensive when they see how many corrective action notices they have.

Tracy has joined the ranks of those dodging tax; she goes full-time from September. My degree will be gained whilst having huge fucking chunks of my wage nicked by the government, and all of it for nefarious purposes.

I see gwb has now linked Iran to September eleventh. Will this man stop at nothing ? Maybe he will claim it was a spelling mistake by the CIA, “it looked like a Q, but it was an N…. what can I say ? Now watch me hit this drive” The first thing that crossed my mind wasn’t about how fucked-up the American political system is, it was about whether Blair would follow him on this new crusade. I’m sure Bush wants the whole of the middle east with puppet governments, but will Blair take us further into this, or will he bow to public pressure ?

I notice the BBC didn’t accuse Arafat of nepotism, they called it cronyism, are they dumbing down or taking the piss. I bet Bush was pissing his pants, he got away with much worse, and the BBC didn’t say a word.

Blair has been waffling about how it’s the fault of 60s liberals that crime is rampant in this green and pleasant land. So little Jordan and his mate Taylor have parents that were brought up in the 60s ? Fuck off Tony, there has never in the history of this country been a more liberal attitude to the bringing up of children. What we need is a return to some of those values. It’s just like politicians to blame all our ills on an era long past. Those 60s liberal values got you your free university education, a privilege you have made sure will never come back. Let’s blame the current crime levels perpetrated by young people on the real reasons. Bone idle parents who haven’t the foggiest fucking idea where their offspring are, and don’t really care. Parents, who at the first mention of their little precious doing something wrong, fly into fits of rage and blame everyone but themselves. Playing with your kids gets in the way of valuable drinking time, and heaven forbid they miss whatever shite is on the telly. Disciplining your kids is also time consuming, so fuck it, why bother ? Just leave them, and if anyone says or does anything, sue the fuckers. I’m generalizing, but I genuinely think that today’s young people have little or no respect for anyone and that includes themselves.

The solution ? Give them a damned good thrashing, and if that doesn’t work put them in the army and send them to Iraq………. Sorry Iran.

Late news just in: Bush to invade David Bowie’s wife !

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