Thursday, July 22, 2004  

The flesh you so fancifully fry.

After a very nice day shopping in Carlisle, we went for something to eat. It looked nice, it was new, it was called “Big Luke’s”. It was shit.

I think it’s the new thing at the moment to offer all you can eat for £6 in a buffet stylee. We went and got a reasonable sized plate of chicken, mushrooms, chips, onion rings and salsa. Whilst we were getting our “food” our drinks were delivered to our table. The teabag was left in the cup, so it stewed badly. Then as we sat down and started to eat, we realised that the majority of the stuff on our plates was cold, had been sat there all day, and taken on the attributes of granite. I was in no mood for an argument; I had spent a nice leisurely day shopping and didn’t want it spoiled by shouting at a bloke wearing a cheap purple shirt. Tracy was less reticent and told them exactly what she thought of the crap that had tried to pass off as food. The manager looked shell-shocked, and said we didn’t have to pay. We then drove to The Lifeboat, a pub/restaurant in Maryport. It was beautiful. Freshly cooked with excellent ingredients. I really wanted to take a sample back to Big Luke and tell them that was how to cook for people. Instead we went home and I got drunk.

I fully appreciate that you get what you pay for, and a £6 meal isn’t going to be as good as a £60 meal. But, if I order a hot meal, I expect it to be hot. I also expect it to be reasonably fresh. So is a £6 meal worth arguing over ? I take Tracy’s point that if you don’t say anything they’ll never learn, and keep serving up shit until they go bust, and in the past I have complained about a £3 burger. But sometimes I just don’t want the stress of going over everything with people who aren’t going to take a bit of notice. Realistically we will never eat there again, so Tracy saved us £12.

The Lifeboat charged us £9 for a beautiful fresh club sandwich, a gorgeous piece of chocolate cheesecake and earl grey for two. We will definitely be going back to try their seafood.

It doesn’t take a fucking genius does it ?

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