Wednesday, June 30, 2004  

Musical echoes.

Listening to the radio this morning I heard Belle and Sebastian’s new single, “Wrapped up in books”. I heard two old tunes mixed up in the song. First was Cliff Richards’ “You’re going to find me (out in the country)” and second The Lightening Seeds “The life of Riley”. Then a little later I heard Morrissey’s new song “The first of the gang to die” and it has a Stone Roses guitar riff right there where everyone can hear it, not even changed a little bit. Now we are not talking talentless pop wannabe’s here, we are talking seasoned professional songwriters. Did they just not realise ?

I don’t know enough about Belle and Sebastian to give an opinion other than it’s a nice song. I don’t know why they would rip off a couple of really well known songs and I don’t know if they had permission or not. Morrissey on the other hand, well I could imagine him dropping the odd thing into a song to evoke a memory or take you back in time a little. It’s still very strange though, and more puzzling that none of the DJs I have heard play these songs has noticed the similarities.

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